The Year in Books :: April 2016

Where is this year getting to? How is it already APRIL??

Anyway, I always seem surprised by months going by – should be used to it by now I suppose…


I seem to be on a bit of a reading roll – although it kind of felt like I had slowed down a little in March, this doesn’t seem to have been the case.

In March I read;

The Real Middle Earth by Brian Bates which was extremely interesting, although I have looked at some reviews which question some of the validity of the history in this one.  I might have to look out some more books on the period to try and get a more rounded view.  This one didn’t actually have as much to do with Tolkien as I thought it would, but I found that I didn’t actually mind so much.

Next I tried The Seeker’s Guide to Harry Potter by Geo Trevarthen with slightly less success.  I found some parts of the really interesting, but it did feel over written and overly academic in a lot of places which kind of spoiled my enjoyment of the book, and the flow of the book itself.

Then I turned to something a little different – Mouse Guard Fall 1152 by David Petersen.  This was very cute and the illustrations were wonderful.  There is not a lot of depth to the story in the slightest, but I found I didn’t really mind at all, the illustrations just pulled me in.

Susan Hill’s The Magic Apple Tree was a lovely read – a whole year in the Oxfordshire countryside.  I enjoyed most of this one – I have to admit skipping the food chapters though, as a vegetarian I have limited interest in descriptions of how to cook and eat meat! My copy of this one fell into pieces as I was reading which was a shame – kind of hampered the physical reading!

Last up for the month was Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell, another wonderfully illustrated tale – again not a whole lot of depth, but the illustrations more than made up for it.  I am a huge Chris Riddell fan, I love his Ottoline series too.  Worth checking out if you have kids, or if you just like looking at lovely illustrations.

I have a brand new book club to join next week, so I am reading From a Distance by Raffaella Barker next, which looks like something a little bit different from my latest choices.  I hope that I enjoy it!

What have you been reading lately?

Organdie. x

PS – As always this project was started by Laura over at Circle of Pine Trees– go and say hi, her blog is gorgeous!  You can find more information about The Year in Books project by visiting the page on her blog here.


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