Saltmarsh and Samphire’s Online Shop

Beach Huts

Even if you can’t visit us in person along this wonderful stretch of coastline, you can always visit our online shop to grab yourself a piece of artwork inspired by our beautiful surroundings.

Organdie. x


Just A Card

Just A Card

I am slightly late to this party I think – well, I can’t be late as such as the message is still very much valid, but you know what I mean.

The Just a Card campaign encourages people to buy from local artists, makers and designers, and is based on the fact that one gallery owner would have been able to keep going if everyone who complimented the gallery had bought just one card.

Food for thought?

So if you are out and about exploring galleries and shops selling handmade products or artwork, know that even purchasing a card will make a huge difference to the gallery and artists!

JUST A CARD - A4 PosterIf you do buy something, why not take a picture of it and tweet about it – #JustACard.

Organdie. x


First week at the shop

Well the first week at Saltmarsh and Samphire has zipped by! We have had a wonderful time.

Our opening day was a great day – lots of people came in to see us and we sold a few things into the bargain which was brilliant.

big open

We have found that even sitting in the shop in the slightly quieter moments during the day is lovely.  I think it is a great space and I am so pleased to call it my own – and I am really looking forward to the rest of the year and beyond!





Organdie. x

What I am up to right now

Making: Lots of things for my new shop!

Cooking: Things with lots of veggies – I am trying to be good…

Drinking: Tea of various kinds, mainly camomile and honey (it’s yummy)

Reading: Some things, but still only in very short stints, I am hoping this will pass soon – it is driving me mad!

Wanting: My concentration back again – NO

Looking: Forward

Playing: With making things, funny how some things just work and others are a bit of a disaster first time around

Wasting: A bit of time, not as much as before now that I have a good thing to focus on!

Sewing: Still nothing – perhaps I will learn one day…

Wishing: For the shop to be here and ready already!  I am not good at waiting at all.

Enjoying: Planning and preparing

Waiting: For February 1st and getting the keys

Liking: Getting under my duvet to work in the evenings

Wondering: How much I will miss my duvet once the shop is open!

Loving: Yoga at the moment, so calming but at the same time very challenging.

Hoping: That we will make a great success of Saltmarsh and Samphire this year

Marvelling: Yep – always

Needing: A few clothes, not much.

Smelling: Handmade candles in my room

Wearing: Old comfy clothes, I am relishing them while I still can!

Following: Lots of pinners, bloggers and youtubers

Noticing: That my back hurts from carrying my cameras in a silly “pretty” bag

Knowing: Not enough

Feeling: Excited!

Bookmarking: Too much, I need to cut down on my media consumption, I never get round too all my bookmarks…

Opening: My mind to new possibilities

Giggling: More than normal – nervously?!

What have you been up to lately?

Organdie. x

(This idea was shamelessly stolen from Pip at Meet Me At Mikes)