Wordless Wednesday – Beach Hut Blues

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Organdie x


Flowers Still Life


Brett and I were wondering the other day what we could photograph while wandering around my dad’s garden (trying to dodge the persistent showers of last week) when we spotted some lovely wild geraniums.  I knew that we also had some cut flowers (slightly past their best) inside which included some gypsophila which I think is lovely to fill in little gaps in floral displays.  So we scurried around the garden and gathered up some more flowers – forget me nots and bluebells along with the geraniums – and set about displaying them in order to photograph them.

I saved this little honey jar because I thought it lent itself to things like this display, and this was the first time I had been able to use it – I am very pleased with how it looked, just as I hoped.  We arranged the flowers into what I thought was a pleasing arrangement (tiny flowers are hard to arrange – it drove me a little bit mad) and set about trying to capture the image.

I set up my tripod and my little Fuji X100 (brilliant camera – I love it!) and tried to think about what kind of thing I could use as a backdrop.  We were shooting in my dad’s kitchen, which is lovely and bright, but pretty cluttered.  Brett wanted a green background which I wasn’t so sure about, but we managed to find some old manilla folders in my dad’s office which seemed to be pretty perfect for the job.  I thought that blue would work better than the green, and we also found a creamy coloured folder to experiment with too.

I used an old pasta jar to rest the folder up against as a backdrop for the display and set my exposure (the Fuji X100 often needs to be over exposed as some of the images can be a little bit dark – this is easy with the exposure compensation dial on the top plate though).  I asked Brett to use a reflector to bounce a little bit of light towards the left hand side of the image as the window was just to the right as we were looking at the composition, and we were good to go.  As I don’t have a trigger release for my Fuji, I simply set the self timer to 2 seconds and stayed very still!

I was pleased with how the images came out – and I personally think I was right in choosing a blue background for the shot, as I think it complements the colouring of the blooms.  Straight out of the camera the image still looked like it needed something, so I set about looking at the textures I have in Photoshop (I use Florabella textures and they are ace!) to see if any of those would help me achieve the final look I was after.

May 8th - Flowers

I am pretty pleased with this little arrangement – flower photography is something I really love doing.  I hope this little photograph brings a smile to your face too.

Organdie. x