30 Days Wild – Walks in the Wild



How about taking a walk somewhere that you don’t normally go as part of 30 Days Wild?

Brett Cley

We went off to visit Cley the other day on the Norfolk Coast, and explored the area around the lovely windmill there.  Where might you go to explore somewhere a little bit wild this month?

Let me know if you have been joining in with the campaign (you can find more information on the Wildlife Trust website here)

Organdie. x


Busy Busy Saltmarsh & Samphire

Hello brand new week!  I hope you are all having a wonderful July so far – it has been a busy one for me.  I have been finalising our online course (you can have a sneaky peek at the course page on the website over here – I am just working on a little course banner to go at the top of the page, but I am so pleased with the course so far!), looked at our next exhibition space over at Westacre Theatre which starts at the beginning of September.

We have also been busying ourselves replacing photographs that have sold at our current exhibition over at Cley Windmill (Whoo! Sales!), and setting up a branch of our wedding photography business down here in Norfolk!  Phew!

As if that wasn’t enough, we are also running our Landscape Courses over some weekends too.  We have 3 sessions left this season with spaces available (our last session has sold out already), so if you are thinking of having a go at landscape photography, whatever your level of photography experience, we would love to hear from you.



What have you been up to so far this month?

Organdie. x

Cley Exhibition

I spent last Wednesday setting up our little section of the shop at Cley Windmill with Mum.  It was so satisfying to see something through from taking the photographs, printing, framing and hanging the finished pieces in their places at Cley.  We will be displaying our photography alongside Mum’s lino cut prints for the whole of July – which is very exciting!  Saltmarsh and Samphire’s first exhibition.

We are displaying our artwork and photography in the Mill shop at the same time as part of the Cley Contemporary Art Exhibition, so I am hoping there will be a lot of visitors to look at our offerings too.

Car Full

The little car was pretty full of frames and prints, which meant quite a slow journey over to Cley to keep them all safe!  But everything arrived in one piece, so it was on to unloading everything and putting it in roughly the right places in the shop ready to hang.

Arms Full

It was fairly easy to see which pieces would work well together on the walls, so hanging was surprisingly straightforward here.  The only issues I had were making sure that the pictures were straight on the walls.  I think we managed to get everything pretty well straight!

Lino Cuts and Bags

Mum’s Lino Cut Prints and Handmade Lunch Bags.

Lino cuts and Photography

More Lino cuts and One of Brett’s Photographs

Brett's Photography

Brett’s Photography on the Walls

Emma's Photography

My Photography Corner


Mounted Prints for Sale

Whole Display

Pretty much the whole set up

I was really pleased with how this turned out – I hope that we get lots of visitors who think the same, and some sales would be amazing!  If you are in the North Norfolk area during July, do pop in and see us!

Organdie. x

Exhibition Preparation

Wow, another week is here already – where is all this time going to I wonder?

I have been busy recently, not only finishing off all things online course related – I will give you a little update on that later this week hopefully – but also with getting ready for an exhibition which opens at the beginning of July at Cley Windmill.

16th June - Exhibition Prep

Last week saw me and Brett cutting our own mounts (not too many swear words were uttered during this process…) and printing images ready for framing.  I don’t often print my images, so to see some of them come to life as a finished piece was super exciting.

It was so satisfying to choose the images, print them, mount them and frame them and to stand back and actually admire them.  They look completely different in real life than they do on the computer (obvious?  Maybe.) and I am so pleased with them all.

I have some ready framed and others mounted in cellophane, all ready for hanging and displaying alongside Brett’s photography and my mum’s linocut prints next week.  I am a little bit giddy!  I just hope that people who come to Cley and see the exhibition like the images as much as me! (I won’t lie, a sale or two would make my month!)

What projects have you been working on recently?  I’d love to know.

Organdie. x