Exhibition Preparation

Wow, another week is here already – where is all this time going to I wonder?

I have been busy recently, not only finishing off all things online course related – I will give you a little update on that later this week hopefully – but also with getting ready for an exhibition which opens at the beginning of July at Cley Windmill.

16th June - Exhibition Prep

Last week saw me and Brett cutting our own mounts (not too many swear words were uttered during this process…) and printing images ready for framing.  I don’t often print my images, so to see some of them come to life as a finished piece was super exciting.

It was so satisfying to choose the images, print them, mount them and frame them and to stand back and actually admire them.  They look completely different in real life than they do on the computer (obvious?  Maybe.) and I am so pleased with them all.

I have some ready framed and others mounted in cellophane, all ready for hanging and displaying alongside Brett’s photography and my mum’s linocut prints next week.  I am a little bit giddy!  I just hope that people who come to Cley and see the exhibition like the images as much as me! (I won’t lie, a sale or two would make my month!)

What projects have you been working on recently?  I’d love to know.

Organdie. x


Course Progress

Hello there!

I thought I would give you a little update on the progress of my online photography course for those of you who are interested in that kind of thing!

I am still thinking about what to call this little course – I have been wracking my brains, but nothing has jumped out at me just yet.  I have decided not to fret too much about this just yet – I am sure something will call to me when the time is right (I just hope the time is right in the next few weeks – I am hoping to run my first session July/August time)!  I have been working through Jennifer Lee’s book The Right Brain Business Plan and have completed a vision board – perhaps something will come from there in time.

4th June - Big Vision Collage

I have been busy recording some voice-overs for the slideshows which will go out once a week as part of this course – this is something that was a little bit scary for me to do.  I have never really enjoyed speaking to groups of people although I am getting better at it – I think it all stems from blushing, as soon as I start talking I seem to blush for no real reason and I am really self conscious about it!  I know it might seem daft to you that I was nervous about speaking into my phone in an empty room, but there we go – one of my little quirks!  I did get into the whole recording thing actually, and by the second or third slideshow I felt like I was really getting going!  Maybe that is me growing up a little bit, or just learning to deal with what makes me, me.

Next up for me is designing the pdf workbook which will go out to everyone once the course has been completed – I am looking forward to this part.  You know when you have an idea in your head and you just want to see it come to life?  Well that is how it is for me and this workbook – I am super excited about getting it produced and a physical copy in my hands to coo over! I am so looking forward to the day (soon soon soon) when I can give you the link to the online course page for you to go and have a look at what I have cooked up for you – I really hope that you will find it as exciting as I do!

Organdie. x

100th Post!


Well, I didn’t think that I’d get to this point on the blog if I am completely honest.  100 posts seemed so far away at the start of things!

I also never thought that anyone would actually read my ramblings, let alone follow the blog and comment.  So to any of you that have read, followed and commented, I thank you so much – it’s all very exciting when you take the time to leave me a message or like a post.

Here’s to the next 100 posts and beyond!

two hearts

Organdie. x